Your Car and What It Says About You

Your Car and What It Says About You

Car ownership comes with a good amount of freedom, and you can choose the car that best reflects your personality and who you are. With so many different features and aspects of the car to choose from including color, accessories, and trim options, there are many ways you can customize the vehicle. 

The Color of Your Vehicle

The color of your car is one of the first things people see and notice and this is true even if they don't possess any kind of car knowledge whatsoever. Over the last several years, the three most popular car colors included black, white, and silver with the white color option dominating in more recent years. 

Studies have also found that people are willing to pay quite a bit more for their car if it means they can get the color that they want. White is fast becoming the favorite color of car owners, and these numbers increased over 20% over a span of six years.

Socioeconomic Attributes

Your socioeconomic attributes such as your income, race, and education can also be inferred when cars are detected in different images taken from Google Street View. Seeing the different cars people choose in different locations allows us to discover some of the associations commonly placed between the car and the person that chooses that car. 

Sedans, for example, are more prominent in cities, and you will see far fewer pickup trucks. It can also be said-due to the results of studies being conducted-that a person that drives a pickup truck is more likely to vote for a Democrat while the person who owns the sedan in the city is more likely to vote Republican. 

Depreciation and Car Color

The color of your vehicle also determines its depreciation value. Throughout a majority of studies, the monochromatic colors-white, black, and gray-typically held the most value for at least three years. However, the brighter colors actually top that list instead, and these colors are quickly becoming more popular. 

However, white still stands in the top five of this list and can still hold its value for a good amount of time when compared to other colors. 

The Future of Car Color

Recently, a global supplier of paints introduced two new collections that pose different color options for cars. PPG, the supplier, has a Colorography collection that features over sixty exterior shades and these shades became available between 2018-2019 giving car owners much more in the way of color choices for their perfect vehicle.

Additionally, in 2020, the Kulture collection will be available, and this collection will include over 70 different exterior shades to choose from.

With the many studies being conducted to find the link between the type of car you drive and your personality and other attributes, we are narrowing down what your car says about you. So, when you are on the hunt for a new car, consider the color choice you make and think about how it showcases your personality and if your vehicle is going to be an extension of who you are. Are you willing to pay more for the perfect color?

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