What You Should Know When Shipping Heavy Machinery Across Country

What You Should Know When Shipping Heavy Machinery Across Country

What You Should Know When Shipping Heavy Machinery Across Country

You will find that shipping heavy machinery is much different than shipping anything else within the United States and Canada. You will find the shipping process to be much slower and even more dangerous depending on the size and the type of heavy machinery you are shipping. 

The following are a few things you should keep in mind before shipping heavy machinery across the United States or into Canada:

Is it Too Heavy?

If you find that the machinery is too large or too heavy, you should see if there is any way you can dismantle it for the shipping process. If you can send the dismantled parts rather than the machinery as a whole, it might be easier especially when it comes to towing, lifting, loading and unloading.

If the machinery is smaller like a Bobcat or other small loader, than it can most likely fit right into an enclosed transport truck instead of requiring a forty-foot shipping container, for example. 

Flatbed Hauling

One of the most common ways to ship heavy machine is by flatbed hauling. It is also one of the more widely available services with the majority of carriers. Flatbeds also come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate your heavy machinery. Before choosing, however, you want to make sure that the truck that will be hauling the machinery can safely and successfully handle the weight.

How to Prepare in Advance

To make the move easier, there are also ways you can prepare a bit in advance. For example, make sure to learn and follow all shipping protocols there may be and clean all the equipment and machinery before you ship it. It is also a good idea to test the machinery to make sure it is in proper working order. 

If you can dismantle any of the machinery, it may be good to do so as already mentioned. You will also want to disconnect batteries and drain fluids if you are shipping tractors, for example. 

If you have any sensitive equipment or need a specialist for shipping your machinery, this is also something you need to look into ahead of time to make sure everything is in order for your heavy machinery shipment.

Long distance and international shipping can also be tricky, and after determining the weight of the machinery, you should then consider the safe transit and the security of your equipment. Often, you will find that permits are also needed for long distance and international shipping of heavy machinery. 

Shipping Companies

Most shipping companies will be able to assist with the shipping process from beginning to end. This means that many of them can assist in the loading and unloading and sometimes even the disassembly and assembly of the machinery. 

If you are shipping the machinery in a shipping container, the machinery is loaded into the container and then the container is loaded onto a ramp that will then load it onto the transport truck to haul it away. 

No matter what kind of heavy machinery you are planning to ship in Jacksonville, FL, it's always best to plan ahead and do what you can to simplify the process.

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