Tips For Winterizing And Shipping Your Watercraft

Tips For Winterizing And Shipping Your Watercraft

Spring and summertime have come and gone, and fall has quickly turned into cold, dreary winter. Of course, this is not an issue for a lot of folks as they enjoy the wintertime. However, for those that love being out on the open water in boats, jet skis, or other vessels, the warm months can't come back around quick enough. Still, the bitter and freezing temperatures are upon watercraft owners now. Therefore, they must start thinking about the winterization and shipping processes.

What Can Happen If You Fail To Winterize?

Sometimes, nothing will come from not winterizing the watercraft. On other occasions, the action can have drastic consequences. For example, if the vehicle is not properly shut down and maintained, parts on the engine can break. Thus, the owner will find themselves in need of costly repairs when spring rolls around, which of course, prevents them from getting back out in the lake, river, or ocean, at least for the time being.

If algae and debris are not removed from the vessel's surface, holes or cracks can form. Hence, rather than hitting the beach for some rest and relaxation, the individual will likely be headed to a dealership. So, heed this advice and winterize your watercraft. In doing so, you will save yourself plenty of headaches and money in the long run.

Without Further Delay, Winterization Tips

Three of the most critical components to protect are the motor, fuel tank, and battery. First, let's discuss the power source. Disconnect and remove the battery from the boat or jet ski. It is a good idea to store it in a warm, dry area of a shed or garage. Avoid keeping the unit in your living space as it may discharge harmful fumes into the air. From time to time, check the water level in the battery to prevent it from going dry. With any luck, these actions will keep it ready to go when the time comes.

The fuel tank is easy enough to maintain too. All the owner has to do is top the container off with a stabilizer solution. This action stops the gas from going bad because of those pesky fluctuating temperatures. Finally, if the vessel is kept at a marina, consider having the organization shrink wrap everything to ensure that the motor, tank, and body remain in tip-top shape. For folks that are do-it-yourselfers, purchasing the proper cover and installing it can accomplish the feat as well.

This And That About Watercraft Shipping

Attempting to move the vessel from point A to point B on your own can be both tricky and challenging. The owner can run into a lot of obstacles along the way, which will leave them wanting to pull their hair out. Luckily, they don't have to fight and struggle with the task. Auto transport companies deal with more than just cars. So, contact a reputable organization and let them handle the rest. In turn, they will deliver your vessel safely while you kick back and take it easy.

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