Is It Important To Get Insurance When Having A Car Shipped?

Is It Important To Get Insurance When Having A Car Shipped?

Transporting a vehicle from one place to another sounds extremely simple. However, the process is a bit more complicated than it seems. There are lots and lots of things that can go wrong between the pickup point and destination. That is not to say that something will happen, but it is vital to remember that it could. Fortunately, car owners don't have to accept whatever fate holds in store. Instead, they can purchase shipping insurance to ensure that their investment is protected.

What Factors Influence The Coverage?

There are various risks associated with the shipping a car. Of course, the most obvious one is that the vehicle can become damaged in some way. It is always a good idea to read the fine printing of the contract. The shipper may cover some of the costs when mishaps occur. One thing is for sure, which is nobody wants to have to pay for the blemishes out of their own pocket. Another hazard is that the vehicle could become stolen. Other misfortunes can happen too, so do some research and make an informed decision about purchasing shipping insurance. Several factors that it takes into account include...

  • The Distance Being Traveled
  • Weather Conditions That The Shipper May Encounter
  • The Vehicle's Value

Snap A Few Pics

People purchase liability insurance to drive their cars around, or at least most folks do, if they want to do so legally. A lot of persons even buy full coverage protection, especially when the vehicle is brand-new and the financing company requires it. However, loads of car owners don't take advantage or simply forget to get shipping insurance when the auto switches hands. This action can prove to be an expensive mistake.

Do yourself a favor and use the smartphone attached at your hip for something more than playing around on social media. Take some pictures of the car so that you have proof of the condition it was in when it left your possession. These images can serve as evidence to show that the vehicle was undamaged. They give the owner's claim a leg to stand on when disputes arise.

Shipping And Receiving

A person should expect that shipping a car in the United States to take about a week or two. Those sending the unit overseas should anticipate that the process would take even longer. Whenever it finally arrives, the owner should be prepared to complete a thorough investigation. If he or she can't be there in person, they need to make sure a neighbor, friend, or family member is prepared to exam the cargo.

The shipping carrier will undoubtedly complete an assessment to cover themselves, so take the time to do the same on your end. After all, you will want all of your I's to be dotted and T's to be crossed too. If a claim has to be made, it should be a cinch if the individual took out shipping insurance. The carrier also carries coverage to deal with issues. So, don't become the middleman. Instead, purchase the security and let the two organizations hash things out to assure that losses are recouped promptly. 

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