Differences Between Car Transporters And Auto Shipping Brokers

Differences Between Car Transporters And Auto Shipping Brokers

Many people unfamiliar with the industry believe that auto shipping brokers and car transporters are one and the same. However, this assumption is false. Yes, it sounds like they both ship cars from point A to point B, but that is not the case, and there are some distinct differences between the two entities. So, for those interested in sending a vehicle to another location, read further to learn more.

Firstly, Why Would A Person Need To Ship A Car?

Typically, transporting an auto comes with a major life change. For instance, perhaps the individual is moving to start a new job, relocating to begin college, or commencing a new phase in their life. He or she could drive the car themselves, but often, this task is a big hassle. Therefore, they travel in another way and hire a company to bring the vehicle to them. It saves the person a lot of headaches and body aches too as being in the car for an extended period can be stressful and painful.

Now, What Is An Auto Shipping Broker?

Auto shipping brokers are usually thought of as the middlemen. They are the representatives between the shippers and customers. When a person is looking to transport a vehicle, they are more likely to come in contact with a broker than a carrier. Why? There are lots and lots of brokers in this world. They usually have the funding to advertise and get noticed by consumers.

These professionals have the client's best interests in mind. They know that shoppers are on a budget and looking for the best deal. Hence, he or she finds the best opportunity available for the person. In other words, the auto shipping broker puts the customer in contact with the right car transporter for their particular situation. Once this feat is done, their job is complete. The broker does not transport the car from one place to the next across long distances.

Okay, So What About Car Transporters?

These organizations come in both small and large sizes. Some of them are mom and pop companies with only a few trucks in the fleet. Meanwhile, there are also huge institutions with offices located throughout the United States. They tend to have plenty of equipment and employees. Regardless of which one a consumer chooses, they should always do their homework and research the business accordingly.

After all, most of the time, the client is putting their "baby" in a stranger's hands. Car transporters are the responsible parties that ship the vehicle to the new place safely. However, if a customer makes the wrong selection, the experience could be awful. Instead of getting the auto safe and unharmed, the patron may receive it damaged.

Heck, in some cases, they might not acquire it at all. If the shipper stops somewhere overnight and fails to watch the cargo closely, the car can become stolen. So, do the legwork when it comes to selecting brokers and transporters. With any luck, this action will assure that you get in touch with credible sources that make everything go according to plan.

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