Breaking Down The Hidden Fees In Auto Transport

Breaking Down The Hidden Fees In Auto Transport

Every car transport company has specific criteria when it comes to compiling and pricing a shipment. Most details and prices are upfront and fixed, but some factors can be hidden and can have a dramatic effect on your overall auto transport price. It’s likely that the hidden factors are simply not talked about upfront, but the more you know in advance, the more you can bring to the surface when shopping for services and requesting an auto transport price. 

The Type Of Vehicle You’re Shipping  

There are several things that shipping companies look at when compiling a quote. Some have to do with your vehicle, and some have to do with the surrounding circumstances. When it comes to your vehicle, it all starts with your type of vehicle.

Fees are based on the size and weight of the vehicle you are shipping. Don’t get a quote for your sedan and assume that it will be the same price for your minivan. Larger vehicles will cost more money to ship and will include oversize or overweight shipping fees. Some of the vehicles that are subject to these fees include:  

  • Pickup trucks
  • SUV’s
  • Cargo vans
  • Minivans

The Condition Of The Vehicle You’re Shipping

The condition of your vehicle plays a bigger role in shipping fees than you might think. A vehicle that is non-operational can cost up to $150 more than a running vehicle of the same make, model, and shipping route. The increase in cost is due to the special accommodations that must be made to get the vehicle on and off the truck. If it cannot be driven onto the transport, or if it has no wheels, auto shippers will have to use special equipment to load it.

Other Factors To Consider

The main determining factor for your auto shipping quote has to do with location. Companies look at where it’s coming from and where it’s going to. Starting out in Jacksonville, mileage is computed and used as a baseline for compiling your quote.

How quickly you need it shipped from Jacksonville can add cost to your total. Most auto transport companies have a standard timeframe for pickup. This is typically 1 – 10 days from the day of booking. If you need it shipped faster, you can choose expedited shipping, which will be costlier.

The most common method of shipping is on an open auto transport carrier. Some vehicles, however, require enclosed transport services to protect their high value. This will not only cost more money, but take a longer time to find an enclosed truck. Vehicles that require enclosed shipment include:

  • High-end sports cars (Lamborghini)
  • High end luxury cars (Bentley)
  • Antiques

The car shipping industry can change daily based on availability, fuel prices, and route changes from Jacksonville. All of these factors can have drastic impacts on the base price that lead to your overall auto transport price. Be sure to go over each and every factor in advance to avoid hidden and unexpected fees.

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