3 Weird Ways To Ship Cars

3 Weird Ways To Ship Cars

If you need to move a car into or out of Jacksonville, FL but you can’t just drive it to its destination, you need to hire a shipping company that can handle big shipments.  Automakers, dealerships, and private individuals all use companies with car carriers, shipping containers, and even cargo planes to get their vehicles where they need to go.   Some people even use trains, although trains aren’t very good for shipping cars in the United States.

However, sometimes a person will get a bright idea and come up with a new way to move their cars from one place to another.  Sometimes this is because they had no other practical solution, but other times they were trying something new and it didn’t work out.  Either way, it’s interesting to hear about the different ways people have moved the vehicles that are supposed to move people.

1. By The Trailmobile

It’s easy to forget that the cars and trucks we have today weren’t always around, and someone had to develop and invent the vehicles we take for granted today.  Back during the early 20th century when the Ford Model T was the most popular car in the world, dealerships had to think about how to deliver these cars to their customers.  That’s why a man named John Endebrock came up with the Trailmobile, a simple trailer that a Model T could pull.  It wasn’t that efficient, but it was the best option until George Cassen created the first four-car trailer.

2. By The Vert-A-Pac

One reason railroads aren’t the best vehicle-shipping option is because you can’t fit too many in a standard boxcar or flatcar.  These days rail companies have two and three-layer trailers for car carrying, but back in 1968 GM and Southern Pacific Railroad came up with the Vert-a-Pac, a special train car that opened down along the sides and could store up to 30 Chevy Vegas nose down.  However, the cars could only fit the Vega, and GM had to specially design the car engine for vertical storage.  The Vert-a-Pac would retire with the first-generation Vega.

3. In The Volkner Mobil Performance S

When you reach the high end of recreational vehicles, they come with so many features and so much stuff that they’re the size of a bus (and need a commercial license to drive).  That’s certainly true of the Volkner Mobil Performance S, a new model from a German manufacturer that has enough space to spare that it can store a sports car between its wheels.  It can’t be a very big car, but this way you won’t have to worry about road debris or bumps damaging a sports car that’s probably worth even more than the high-end RV.

Today’s automakers have several effective ways to ship cars across the country and across the oceans.  However, before then people came up with a lot of unusual ideas and luxury alternatives.   Some of them look odd today, and some are impractical, but then you always need something strange when you have to move something that’s supposed to move people.

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