3 Things To Keep In Mind About Owning A Classic Car

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Owning A Classic Car

There’s a real appeal to owning a classic car.  It’s a living piece of history, an example of how they really don’t make them like they used to, and it’s a chance to drive around in something that will turn heads without having to spend over $100,000.  Even if you don’t drive it, buying a classic car can be the start of a fun hobby.

However, there are some real downsides to owning a classic car, too.  Most old vehicles need a lot of work to get back into driving shape (although for some that’s part of the appeal), spare parts are hard to find, you’ll need to worry about storing them properly since you probably won’t drive them much, and driving one is usually more difficult and dangerous than driving a modern car.  Still, all of these problems are solvable with enough planning and research.

1. Research Your Restoration Company

Not just any mechanic can handle a full restoration of a classic car.  Make sure you check around for a company in your area that offers specialized restorations, and see if they have experience with the era and company your car is from. Check online to see what their customers are saying about them.  If you want to restore classic cars yourself, you should also find out if they’re willing to offer lessons.

2. Learn How To Store Cars Long-Term

Vehicles use several kinds of fluids, and many of them will break down over time or deposit sediment in your tanks.  Long-term vehicle storage involves knowing which fluids to flush, knowing how to clean a vehicle inside and out, and getting a cover that will keep the dust off the paint and important parts.  If you don’t have room to spare in your home garage, you should also look for a company that will store your vehicle, keep it safe, and check up on it regularly for a reasonable price.

3. Get The Proper Insurance

Insurance on classic cars can be a tricky thing.  You can usually get a discount since you will rarely drive the vehicle, but the cost may go up because of the car’s value and because it doesn’t have as many safety features as a modern automobile.  Either way, you should make sure your insurance covers collisions along with theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.  Comprehensive insurance is important because replacement parts cost a lot and your vehicle’s warranty expired a long time ago.

For many people, owning and driving a classic car is worth the hassle of finding, buying, restoring, and maintaining a vehicle made decades ago.  However, you’ll have to put some time into planning what you want to do to the classic car in question, and you should carefully consider who you want to help you restore and store it.  Still, if you do the research, if you have a passion for classic vehicles, and if you plan on giving it the love and attention it needs, owning a classic car can be a rewarding experience.

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